New In Bromont? Don’t Miss These Experiences!

Located at the base of Mount Brome, Bromont is located in southwestern Quebec. Known to the world for adventure activities, Bromont is a unique destination itself, which offers something new in every season. If this is your first trip to this city, here are the things you must enjoy and indulge in Bromont.

  • Not many people are aware that Bromont has over 100 kms of free hiking and mountain biking trails. Enjoying a randonnée en famille en décembre can be fun, and fret not, there are quite a few options for those who are not active or upbeat about adventure sports.

  • Ski Bromont. Ski Bromont is popular among tourists for both downhill skiing and mountain biking in winters. In the summers, you can enjoy activities like water slides, equestrian events and golf. Note that Ski Bromont is usually booked for most parts of the year, so you may want to get your stay in advance.
  • BALNEA Spa. Located close to a lake, BALNEA Spa is perched on mountainside and offers an escapade for the entire family. The spa experiences are great for honeymooners and are largely influenced by international trends. Yoga and hiking close to the lake can be fun, while LUMAMI restaurant serves lip-smacking food all seven days for guests of the spa and general public.
  • Mountain biking. Another activity that’s popular in Bromont is mountain biking. If you want to try this for just fun, consider a visit to the Mount Oak Network. There’s also National Cycling Center Bromont, where you can learn the basics. Weekends are usually busy, so consider the weekdays for a better, quieter experience.
  • Picnics. In fall and winter, picnics can be really fun. There are some great eateries in and around Bromont. In Old Bromont, you can head to Desirables Treats, while Canaël is one of the best bakeries in the city. The Chocolate Museum Confectionery, Bromont is a great place for indulging in chocolates, while for gourmet meals, head to Bistro M, which is at the airport.

Finally, let’s talk of the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route, where you can experience the beauty of vineyards. The Bauge vineyard, for instance, has its own animal park, which can be exciting for the entire family. Another interesting choice is Norl i Farm Alpacas, where you can buy many products, as well. Close to Bromont is the Granby Zoo, which takes around 15 minutes to reach.